CWA Uses Districts to Identify Regions Where Printers Are Located

To Find Your District Use the Drop Down Menu Below

On the map districts are shown in the following colors:

  • District 1 is in purple
  • District 2-13 is in blue
  • District 3 is in teal
  • District 4 is in red
  • District 6 is in brown
  • District 7 is in yellow
  • District 9 is in green

Specialty Printers

Below is a directory of our verified CWA-PPMWS union specialty printers. Specialty printers are not printers but graphic designers and website designers that carry the PPMWS “bug” and can provide you with quality graphic design services.

You can use our handy form to contact these designers or you can send individual emails to a company using the email form in their listings.

You can email a printer directly by clicking on the company name.

Chadick & Kimball

Contact: Jo Kimball
Work 1055 Thomas Jefferson St. NW #L20 Washington DC 20007-5259 Blog: http://www.chadkim.com


C&K is a marketing communications firm founded in 1985 and located in Washington DC. Our firm has won dozens of major awards for graphic design and is 100% union.



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1055 Thomas Jefferson St. NW #L20 Washington DC 20007-5259

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