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  • District 9 is in green

Specialty Printers

Below is a directory of our verified CWA-PPMWS union specialty printers. Specialty printers are not printers but graphic designers and website designers that carry the PPMWS “bug” and can provide you with quality graphic design services.

You can use our handy form to contact these designers or you can send individual emails to a company using the email form in their listings.

You can email a printer directly by clicking on the company name.

Kenefick Communications

Contact: Tara Landis
Work 2803 Lake View Drive Annapolis MD 21403 Work Phone: (410) 263-7134 Website: http://www.kenefickcommunications.com


Kenefick Communications is a full-service public relations and communications firm serving unions and union-affiliated enterprises almost exclusively.

Over the years, Kenefick Communications has worked with many organizations—non-profit, for profit, financial institutions, government, political, retail and labor unions—to boost their business or spread their message.

Through the strategic use of newsletters, brochures, advertising, mass mailings, videos, websites, multi-media, white papers, or books Kenefick Communications has been able to meet the needs of a very diverse clientele.

The firm’s principals are Tara Landis and Lisa Gebbia.

Tara Landis holds an MA degree in Publication Design from the University of Baltimore, where she received the Agora Publishing Award for best traditional print media. She also holds a BS in communications from Towson University. She serves as art director for Kenefick Communications.

Lisa Gebbia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Towson University. She has worked in public relations for over ten years and also as an English teacher.

For more information on how we can assist you with your next project call 410-263-7134 or e-mail: info@kenefickcommunications.com.


A full-service public relations and graphic design firm.

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2803 Lake View Drive Annapolis MD 21403

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